New Fund - Ver Capital Cedola 2019 (Nextam SICAV) - First NAV 2 November 2016

New Fund - Ver Capital Cedola 2019 (Nextam SICAV) - First NAV 2 November 2016

Published: Sept. 27, 2016

Between 30 September 2016 and 31 October 2016 the Nextam Partners Ver Capital Cedola 2019 fund will be open for subscriptions, with first NAV published on 2 November 2016 and maturity fixed at December 2019.

The Fund has a semi-annual proceeds distribution objective.

The Nextam Partners Ver Capital Cedola 2019 is one of the few funds available on the market with a 3 year maturity and providing for cash repayment to investors at 31 December 2016, thus excluding any automaic renewal or conversion into another investment product.

Within the current market environment, with forecasted ultra-low interest rates in Europe in the mid-term and low or negative yield for 10 year investment grade and governement bonds, the proposed product is still able to give decent return, especially considering its 3 year maturity and duration lower than 2 years.

The investment strategy will be in line with Ver Capital's management policy and will thus include:

  1. rigorous analytic process of the potential investments;
  2. diversification with concentration limits on single investments, sectors, geography;
  3. fast portfolio ramp-up in about 3 weeks;
  4. the theoretical portfolio return will be defined at the end of the ramp-up;
  5. short duration;
  6. only direct investments in corporate bonds with no recourse to structured products (such as CLOs) or leverage as can be seen in some competitor's funds.

The fund is focused on the European high yield corporate bond segment (thus excluding financial and government bonds) and cannot invest in equity and in currencies other than Euro. The fund will not invest in emerging market issues.